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The ultimate music fan and record collector first, after his initial autograph seeking began in 1979, John started “graphing” full-time in the Spring of 1984, revealing “the passion grew from the difficulty in getting the albums signed by all the members of the group,” there was always one more name to add, one more signature to obtain.

As a genuine in-person autograph pioneer, John has collected on the streets of New York City, Los Angeles, and London for over 40 years. From a small town in Connecticut, to his mainstay electric streets of the Big Apple, over four decades John amassed thousands of autographs developing into an unprecedented assemblage.

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First-Hand-Witnessed Authentic Autographs

An incredibly well-respected autograph source, Brennan is recognized as RACC (Real Autograph Collector’s Club) Trusted Seller #105 and provides exceptional quality material for several charities and such noteworthy auction houses as Iconic Auctions, Gotta Have it Rock and Roll, RR Auction, and Heritage Auction. John was recently featured with his Nirvana albums on Pawn Stars 2020 episode at the National Sports Collectors Convention, his collection’s been written about on Autograph Magazine Live, and he’s been interviewed by music collector meccas Goldmine Magazine and Classic Rock Magazine. 

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On the Streets of NYC

Well-known in the autograph field as one of the premier in-person graphers, Brennan followed such Rock N’ Roll icons as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, and more, as chronicled by his countless photographs with celebrities, like this one here with Slash.

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Autographic Rarities

John's met, and obtained the autographs of, the members of such elusive bands as grunge rock icons Nirvana, and many many more coveted stars.

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Meeting Musical Legends

Here's a young John Brennan with musical legend Bob Dylan in 1980s NYC. Perfectly illustrating how experienced and early John was in the field, the collection boasts thousands of incredible celebrity photos such as this.

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