How to Find Authentic Autographs for Your Collection

If you're new to autographs, or even an experienced collector, you may be asking yourself: how do I find authentic autographs for my collection? After all, authenticity is everything, and veteran in-person autograph seeker John Brennan knows that better than anybody. 

In the early 1980s, as a young music fan and concert goer, Brennan's interest in autographs steadily grew as he immersed himself further into musical culture. He learned about collecting autographed items by his favorite bands, and traded some rare memorabilia for autographs he assumed genuine. Brennan soon realized he'd been had and—then and there—decided if he wanted authentic autographs, he'd get out there and obtain the signatures of his favorite music celebrities himself. 

During the Spring of 1984 John began collecting autographs full time New York City. Brennan recalled, "I was the Master of Getting. In the early days, it was always at the stage door; I was a teen with no connections, just wanting to be part of it. I wasn’t going up to these people to make a living; I just loved music. I was a collector first.”

And it was John's passion for collecting and the ultimate striving for authentic autographs that built the John Brennan Autograph Collection you see today. With his autograph inventory offered by such respected auction houses as Iconic Auctions, Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auction, and RR Auction, when it comes to authentic autographs, John Brennan is a household name. He's done all the hard work: the blood, sweat, and tears, so you don't have to. 

Seeking authentic autographs? First and foremost, educate yourself and look for a third-party stamp of approval behind the autograph you're looking to purchase. Such autograph communities as Real Autograph Collector's Club RACC and Autograph Magazine Live are good places to converse with your fellow autograph enthusiasts. You'll also want to be looking for the opinions of such third-party authentication services as JSA, Beckett, and PSA